Our Future in Person


The “Our Future In Person” strategic plan guides the county. The plan was written by and for the entire community, not just Person County government. The plan identifies five main categories and 112 objectives for achieving the goals within each category. To date, we have “completed” or are “in progress” with at least 37 of the 112 strategies (33%). To learn more about the status of goals and objectives in each category click on the links below. Goals highlighted in green are "complete" and goals highlighted in yellow are "in progress" or "ongoing."

1)Encourage Learning for Life and Lifelong Learning
    Goal #1: Develop systems and strategies to maximize the educational potential of Person County citizens.
    Strategies Status
    Provide a comprehensive selection of technical/career certification and licensure programs to meet the needs of 21st century employees (biotechnology, health sciences, career and technical education programs) .
    Implement the best practices of successful “Early College” programs .
    Strengthen our commitment to early childhood education. Ongoing. The Partnership for Children early reading program distributed books to 1,438 young children. The Library will incorporate this strategy into its strategic plan.
    Construct a technical/career training center in Person County. .
    Implement strategies and programs to increase the number of citizens with a high school diploma or equivalency. .
    Implement a vertically aligned k-14 educational curriculum with career cluster pathway options. .
    Encourage all education entities within Person County to share “best practices” and resources and collaborate for professional development opportunities. .
    Expand broadband access and computing technology so that all students in Person County can increase online instructional opportunities. Staff is pursuing the opportunity to use the new granting authority to extend broadband to unserved areas.
    Implement strategies and programs to increase the literacy rate of citizens in Person County. Ongoing. The Library will incorporate this strategy into its strategic plan.
    Goal #2: Develop strategies to increase parental and community involvement in the county’s educational activities
    Strategies Status
    Commit to a culture of valuing education. Ongoing. The Library will incorporate this strategy into its strategic plan.
    Implement programs and services to increase parent and student early awareness of academic and career expectations at each educational level. .
    Implement educational and support services and programs for students and parents from diverse backgrounds. .
    Administer professional development activities and programs to assist in addressing the educational needs of students with behavioral and learning issues. .
    Establish a comprehensive resource guide for parents, teachers and students in both print and electronic formats updated annually. .
    Goal #3: Capitalize on opportunities to enhance educational activities that emphasize life-long learning in Person County
    Strategies Status
    Instill a desire to learn by enhancing the cultural capital for all Person County citizens. Person County is proud to have a host of cultural opportunities available to our citizens and wants to expand involvement. .
    Expand community partnerships to support education. .
    Establish a program to integrate service to the community into the learning process. The Cooperative Extension 4-H program provides opportunities for service projects.
    Goal #4:Work with the economic development entities within the county to address the educational and skills-training needs of the current and future Person County workforce.
    Strategies Status
    Construct an Allied Health Training Building on the PCC campus to meet the increased demand of trained and varied health care providers and professionals that have been forecasted in the near future. .
    Construct a Workforce Development Center on the PCC campus to provide training for business and industry to support Person County economic and workforce development. This will provide program expansion for the County’s Recreation, Arts and Parks Department. .
2)Foster a Sense of Community
    Goal #1: Develop or expand programs to encourage civic engagement and volunteerism.
    Strategies Status
    Create a Welcome Center as an umbrella source of information with staffing by a public information officer whose position is funded through an increase in hotel/motel tax and/or prepared food tax. .
    Develop and promote a centralized and accessible calendar of events and encourage participation by means of social media which will be housed at the new Welcome Center and managed by the public information officer. Long-term. The Tourism Authority and the county website have centralized calendars. Many county departments have a Facebook page.
    Create a North Carolina Tomato Festival within Person County. .
    Increase participation in volunteer and civic activities. .
    Improve communication regarding needs and opportunities for civic participation and volunteerism. Ongoing through Rec, Arts and Parks programming.
    Goal #2: Create and support centers of community life.
    Strategies Status
    Create a community center to house recreational facilities, the Senior Center, meeting rooms and a wellness center. The County is entering the design phase for a combined Senior Center/Rec Facility.
    Continue to support the North Carolina Main Street Program and its implementation in Uptown Roxboro. .
    Hire a full-time grant writer to continue to support current centers, expand programs and seek grant funding when appropriate. .
    Goal #3: Create a safer community.
    Strategies Status
    Support and expand neighborhood watch programs. .
    Encourage cooperative efforts between Person County law enforcement and Roxboro City Police in law enforcement and crime prevention. .
    Develop a public awareness campaign to address the perception versus actual crime rates within the City and County, which utilizes a pre-test/post-test survey to determine public perception before and after the program. .
    Continue funding for anti-crime efforts through both traditional funding sources and grant funding. .
    Improve substandard housing. Ongoing. Person County received CDBG funds to upgrade homes.
    Revitalize community mentoring programs for both youth and parents. .
    Offer educational events during the year aimed at school-aged children as a deterrent to criminal activity. .
    Identify and address areas in need of sidewalk/pedestrian improvements to increase the walk-ability of Roxboro and Person County. .
    Goal #4: Recognize and appreciate the diversity that exists in our community.
    Strategies Status
    Reactivate the Human Relations Committee and ensure that it represents the true demographics of Person County. .
    Create one ministerial association for Person County. .
    Encourage existing media outlets to communicate equally among all persons in Person County. .
    Goal #5: Cultivate an appreciation of history by celebrating local history.
    Strategies Status
    Encourage development of a marketing plan and website for the Person County Museum of History. .
    Create a survey that is utilized by tourism and historic organizations that identifies where people are from, why they have traveled to Person County and what they plan to do while here. .
    Update the Historic Uptown Walking Tour and create a new Historic Person County Driving/Biking Tour. Recreation, Parks and Arts is serving on the regional bike plan committee.
    Explore obtaining scenic byway designations in Person County. .
    Sponsor a Fourth of July hometown parade celebrating all heritages, which will begin at Merritt Commons and end at the Museum with activities on the grounds for people of all ages. Various organizations came together to host the 2012 July 4th parade.
    Encourage cooperation and/or merger between the Person County Museum of History and the Person County Historical Society. .
3)Prosper by Developing the New Economy Locally
    Goal #1: Create jobs in and near Person County by developing, growing and supporting local initiatives and new, small businesses; by growing, supporting and retaining existing businesses and industries; and by recruiting outside investment in new businesses and industries.
    Strategies Status
    Establish, maintain and grow an Economic Development Capital Fund to enable Person County to compete effectively in recruitment and retention of businesses and industry. Funded through the FY13 budget.
    Hire an Economic Development Director and Economic Development Staff who will be responsible for effective utilization of the Economic Development Capital Fund, leading and carrying out a strategy-based economic devel9opment program, ensuring that Person County economic development is progressive and successful in recruitment and retention of businesses and industries, creating and maintaining a high-quality economic development website, ensuring that Person High School and Piedmont Community College are informed of industry and business workforce needs, and successfully marketing Person County strengths and opportunities to business and industry. Hired Sept. 2012.
    Develop and grow partnerships with the City of Roxboro, the Kerr-Tarr Region, Research Triangle Regional Partnership, NC Department of Commerce, and Durham County to fully leverage and build on what Person County has to offer, and continue discussion with Durham County Government regarding partnering to create an industry/business park in southern Person County. Long-term. Durham and Person have engaged in a site feasibility study.
    Increase the City of Roxboro’s role as a fully effective player and partner in economic development through increased funding of the Small Business Revolving Loan Fund, by providing financial incentives for single-family residential construction, increasing the livability of the City, strategically planning for in-fill construction, and annexing adjoining areas to increase the City’s competitiveness to an MSA population of over 10,000. .
    Implement the Dan River proposal to bring water into Person County, and adopt and implement a strategic plan for progressive extension of water and sewer service to promote and guide economic growth and development in Roxboro and Person County. .
    Resolve long-term solid waste issues by choosing from the options available (transfer stations; County-operated facility; extension of Upper Piedmont operation) and moving forward with the option chosen, to ensure prospective businesses and industry clients considering locating in the County know that solid waste disposal will not become a problem for them. .
    Fully support local small businesses by providing increased training and financial assistance to our start-up and expanding local small-businesses, establishing a “one-stop” user friendly unified City/County Planning, Zoning and Inspections Dept. that encourages local small business development, and strongly encouraging City and County Government and Institutions to make purchases locally whenever possible. City and County planning, inspections and environmental health staff are housed in the same building.
    Hire a City/County grant writer to submit grant applications to ensure that Person County and Roxboro take full advantage of outside sources of fund for economic growth and development. .
    Continue and amplify our lobbying efforts to convince NCDOT to make US-501 North a four-lane highway which will widen the appeal of Roxboro and Person County as a site for businesses and industries, increase regional opportunity for economic development, and open up potential sites for development in the northern and eastern part of the County. .
    Establish simplified procedures and a unified process for planning and zoning for business and industry clients, and develop through joint City and County government efforts to plan and operational procedures that demonstrate that City and County governments are 100% unified in support of a shared vision of economic development. Permit docs have been re-written and staff is investigating options for further streamlining.
    Make the Person County Airport a more viable business by aggressively marketing this outstanding facility and recruiting tool to potential customers, and promoting it as a site for public events and educational programs such as flight school or air-traffic controller training. .
    Goal #2: Create a Person County Workforce that is educated and trained to succeed in jobs and careers in Person County and throughout the region, which possesses the skills and training to qualify for the jobs of today, receives the educational foundation needed to rapidly develop skills and acquire training required for the jobs of tomorrow, and that has the flexibility to adapt to the rapidly changing workplace of the future economy.
    Strategies Status
    Develop and emphasize a cluster of core curricula matched to business and industry workforce demand, with a sanctioned certification for each core curriculum offered, and track graduates in order to establish a clear linkage between doing well in high school class work and doing well in the workforce. .
    Establish a New Technologies Vocational Satellite Campus and provide students with the best possible opportunity to graduate from high school into the workforce with marketable skills and on a successful career path. .
    Establish a Person High School/Roxboro Community School Career Readiness Certification (CRC) program, testing all students by the end of Grade 11, and a WorkKeys remediation program for students who desire to improve their scores prior to graduation. .
    Adopt the “academy concept” throughout the Person High School student body to help students feel that they are members of a team, help students see the relevance and applicability of course content, and motivate students to complete high school. .
    Build an Allied Health Care Building on the Piedmont Community College campus to meet the workforce needs in this high demand/high pay occupational area and increase numbers of health care providers so that Person County residents can meet more of their health care needs within the County. .
    Build a Workforce Training Center on the Piedmont Community College campus to meet the workforce training needs of Person County, which is designtated to also accommodate large group training, a small business entrepreneurship center, and a small business incubator with the flexibility to adapt to meet future training needs as they evolve. .
    Goal #3: Create in Person County a community of informed, involved citizens who valued and seek to preserve in good things this County offers, who understands the challenges posed by the future economy, who support investment in education, public services, and economic growth and development required to meet those challenges, and who contribute to and support implementation of a strategic plan to create economic growth.
    Strategies Status
    Establish an active, aggressive, proactive and visionary Economic Development Commission (EDC) to ensure that the Economic Development Director and staff have ready access to and guidance from the Person County community. The EDC began meeting regularly in Sept.
    Require a quarterly update to the City of Roxboro, Person County Government and the Roxboro Courier-Times of progress toward achieving Strategic Plan Objectives to ensure the greatest possible chance for success of the 2010 Strategic Plan. Staff has developed a website for the strategic plan that can be used to update the community on progress.
    Take the 2010 Strategic Plan on the road to Personians, to encourage support and participation in strategic planning for success in the new economy. Staff has developed a website for the strategic plan that can be used to update the community on progress.
    Provide ongoing communication to the Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce, Roxboro Development Group, Roxboro Merchants Assocation, small businesses, stakeholders, civic organizations and the entire community to increase awareness on economic growth and opportunities relating to growth and development in the local economy, and to sustain the widest possible support for the Persons Futures Strategic Plan economic development program. .
4)Protect Our Land
    Goal #1: Maintain the aesthetic quality of the county.
    Strategies Status
    Educate the public about the value of land stewardship. Ongoing. Ag extension has educational programming.
    Create and implement a Beautify Person County program. .
    Encourage the use of conservation easements to protect farmland and open space. Ongoing. Ag Extension provides this as part of their ongoing programming.
    Utilize volunteers to promote county beautification efforts. .
    Create a Person County “Gateway Committee”, which will examine the major entrances into Person County and create a plan to improve their aesthetics. .
    Goal #2: Ensure the viability of agribusiness.
    Strategies Status
    Establish a Voluntary Ag District program. Ag Extension created a VAD program in 2012.
    Promote a new farmer’s market on Madison Boulevard. Market was open in 2011.
    Enhance existing programs and create new programs that promote locally grown foods such as CSA’s. Ongoing through Ag Extension.
    Create a local brand for Person County grown products. .
    Continue to explore alternative agricultural products and markets through cooperative planning. Ongoing through Ag Extension.
    Promote agri-tourism by reviving an agricultural tour in Person County. Ag Extension hosted the farm tour in Sept. 2012.
    Create a “Farm to School” program that encourages the use of locally grown products in all schools in Person County. The school system is working on farm to school programming.
    Educate citizens on opportunities that exist within agribusiness. Ongoing through Ag Extension.
    Map our agribusiness resources and ensure transportation connects farms to markets. .
    Goal #3: Promote environmentally responsible development.
    Strategies Status
    Complete a farmland preservation plan. Anticipated in 2 years.
    Expand community partnerships to support education. Ongoing through Ag Extension.
    Update the current comprehensive land use plan and current zoning classifications to balance land development, farmland and open space. .
    Expand infrastructure strategically to encourage high density, low impact development. .
    Revise the City of Roxboro Water and Sewer policy to encourage responsible development and increase access to City water and sewer services. .
    Goal #4: Protect and improve Person County’s air, water and land.
    Strategies Status
    Create an incentive program that encourages people in the City and County to recycle. The SWAC will focus on recycling programming at their Jan. mtg.
    Prevent illegal dumping by enacting a dumping ordinance and providing strategically located convenience sites. .
    Decrease solid waste that is landfilled. PCRC recycling increased from 1,400 tons to 1,600 tons from FY2011 to FY2012.
    Disseminate information about emissions released into the environment through a concise annual report. .
    Monitor what is accepted at the landfill by re-instating an on-site county employee inspector. .
    Increase the opportunities available for disposing of unaccepted substances by working with nearby counties to create a regional mobile unit that accepts these materials on a regular basis. Ag extension provides for pesticide recycling every other year. PCRC is investigating hosting household hazardous waste day.
    Begin planning efforts to determine the best way to landfill Person County’s waste past the year 2017. .
    Create a voluntary curbside recycling program by partnering with local private waste service businesses. Two private haulers operate in the county.
5)Re-Imagine Our County for a Better Future
    Goal #1: Make all persons feel at home in Person County by welcoming visitors, new residents, and all persons regardless of their race, gender, or beliefs into the community.
    Strategies Status
    Increase the viability of existing tourism/welcome centers. .
    Create a “newcomers club” to orient new residents to the county, which will provide a rack card of essential services to new residents. .
    Create a rack card for Person County with key events and attractions. .
    Create a new Person County seal which incorporates both the history and future of the County. .
    Goal #2: Provide a safe environment that gives all citizens the opportunity to reach their potential.
    Strategies Status
    Increase proliferation of the existing city neighborhood watch and create a county community watch. .
    Develop/expand programs that target At-Risk-Youth The Person County JCPC works with programs for at-risk-youth.
    Educate the community on existing citizen crime prevention programs to increase participation. .
    Goal #3:Protect and promote our outdoor lifestyle by preserving our natural resources and quality educational opportunities.
    Strategies Status
    Obtain power line right-of-ways to develop bike/ATV off road trails. .
    Develop walking trails at Hyco Lake in/on the undeveloped land owned by Progress Energy. .
    Leverage the existing unused North/South Rail Corridor to create walking trails throughout the County. .
    Expand the “Agricultural Week” hosted by the Person County Cooperative Extension to include activities year round Ongoing through Ag Extension
    Create a Hagar’s Mountain State Park to make it available to all residents and promote tourism .
    Goal #4:Explore new agricultural opportunities to preserve our farming heritage
    Strategies Status
    Create a promotional campaign to attract awareness to existing agribusiness within the County Ongoing through Ag Extension.
    Create a “cook local” campaign and certification to encourage and promote restaurants using local foods Ag extension promotes cooking local at the Person County Farmer's Market.
    Create and promote an online listing of all available sources of local produce including farmers markets and produce stands Available at personcountyfarmersmarket.com
    Host a lecture series on agribusiness to educate both farmers and the general public on opportunities that exist Ongoing through Ag Extension.
    Host local cooking competitions where participants must utilize only locally produced foods such as a tomato festival, chili cook-offs, etc. .
    Goal #5:Foster alternative educational opportunities at all levels.
    Strategies Status
    Create more community cultural opportunities that raise awareness about global diversity and how it may benefit Person County PCC promotes global awareness through events
    Create and expand on existing mentoring programs within the County .
    Increase awareness of the value of technology as a necessity for the future .
    Raise the awareness of Person County students about their future educational and occupational opportunities PCC works with highschool students to interest them in higher education attainment