The Outreach Librarian on the go...
 "In the month of January, Person County Outreach visited ten daycare facilities in the county. Susan Bowen exchanged library books in the classrooms and presented a snow themed story time to the children. She demonstrated to the children how to dress warmly in the cold weather by putting a blue hat, mittens, and scarf on Sam the Snowman. She read three books: Snow Day by Patricia Lakin, The Mitten by Jan Brett, and Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner. She ended the story time with a finger rhyme, Five Little Snowmen, directing the children to count down from five to one as each snowman melts. The children were given snowman pictures to color and snowy stickers as a reward for being good January story time listeners."

 PCO Van Homepage

        Outreach Coordinator Susan Bowen drives the Person County Library van throughout Person County, delivering and retrieving books lent out to eligible residents. She makes visits in four week intervals to:

  • Adult care facilities and adults who are homebound, circulating reading material such as large print and paperback bestsellers;
  • Participating child care centers, delivering picture books and presenting early literacy program to the children;
  • Elementary after school care programs and classrooms of two private schools, delivering reading primers, chapter books and juvenile nonfiction;

        Person County Outreach is the way to provide library services to Person County residents who are not able to use the library in the traditional way.

            To view the PCO schedule, click on the following links:

                    Day Care Centers

                    Elementary After School Care Programs

                    Private Schools

                    Adult Care Facilities


            For more information, contact Susan Bowen:

            Phone: 336-330-2295



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