Fire Tax Information

FireTax (002)

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  • What is a Fire Protection Service District?

  • What areas are included in the Fire Protection Service District?

  • Who will get the fire tax revenues? What will the fire tax revenues be used for?

  • When will the Fire Protection Service District go into effect?

  • How much will my tax bill go up?

  • How much is the fire tax rate?

  • I am a City resident. How will my tax be bill be affected?

  • I am a County resident. How will my tax bill be affected?

  • Can the fire tax rate change?

  • What happens if I don’t pay my fire tax bill?

  • Where can I go to learn more about the fire tax and review a copy of the map?

  • How can I share my opinion on the fire tax with the county commissioners?

  • I own vacant land. Why do I have to pay the fire tax?

  • Will my fire service improve? Will my home insurance rate decrease?

  • Will business equipment be taxed?

  • Who can I call to learn more about the fire tax?

  • How can I view the resolution and report of need for the fire tax?