How do I request soil information?

Soil information is available online through web soil survey.  Free copies of the Person County Soil Survey are also available.  Please call or come by our office if you need further assistance. 

Where can I get my soil tested?

The Person County Cooperative Extension can provide you with soil sample boxes and testing information.  The Cooperative Extension office is conveniently located next to our office and can be reached at 336-599-1195.

Where can I get my water tested?

The Person County Environmental Health can provide you with well water testing information.  They can be reached at 336-597-1790. 

If you need to test pond water, contact the Person County Cooperative Extension office at 336-599-1195.

I have a question about my water bill.   

The City of Roxboro handles all water bill inquires.  Please contact them at 336-599-3116.

Where do I obtain a septic tank permit and/or well permit?

The Person County Environmental Health provides these services.  They can be reached at 336-597-1790. 

I am interested in obtaining financial assistance for my farm.  Can you help?

Yes! Please contact us to set up an appointment with a technician to get started.  We participate in a number of State and Federal programs which provide both financial and technical assistance to qualified applicants.  We will be happy to help determine the technical and financial programs that would best suit your needs.

If I want to build a pond, what do I need to do first?

Please call and talk with one of our staff.  There are permits and wetland issues that a landowner must consider before construction takes place.  These permits and approvals are federal and state requirements.

I have an erosion problem on my land.  Can you help?

Yes!  We are available to assist landowners and farmers with any soil erosion concerns.  Please contact our office to set up an appointment with a technician to get started.  

How can I view historical/aerial maps?

The Person SWCD does not have historical or aerial maps.  Some historical maps are available through the Person County GIS.