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Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

The Kirby Cultural Arts Complex would like to invite you to become a partner with us for our upcoming 2019-2020 season!

Kirby Sponsorship comes with many benefits that make giving truly rewarding! Whether your an individual, a family or a business, you can show your support to the Kirby through donations today!


Sponsorships for Businesses and Individuals:

  • Season and Performing Arts Sponsorship: ($1,000 - $5,000 donation) This sponsorship supports all aspects of the Performing Art Series. The Season and Performing Arts Sponsorship is offered at donation levels between $1,000 - $10,000 per year; our new sustainer-pay option allows this donation to be broken into 4 payments per year, making it an ideal choice for both personal and business sponsors.  In addition, this sponsorship comes with the greatest amount of benefits offered of all of sponsor opportunities! Benefits for this sponsorship include complementary tickets, advertisements in our playbill and other promotional materials, thanks during curtain speeches, employee discounts, free event space/movie rentals, and so much more, depending on sponsorship amount.


  • Playbill Sponsorship:  ($50 - $500 donation) The Kirby Cultural Arts Complex provides our visitors with a wonderful season playbill, featuring information about each of the shows in the 2019-2020 Performing Arts Season.  Playbill Sponsorships are offered at donation levels between $50-$500, and help to offset printing costs of the playbills. Advertisements are available within the full Season Playbills (color), and in show-specific Roxboro Little Theater playbills (B&W). In choosing this sponsorship, you will receive advertising placement in our playbill, links to your company from our website, and screen ads, which are projected on monitors both inside and outside the Kirby Theater.

  •  Arts in Education Sponsorship: ($25 - $5,000 donation)  Our Arts in Education programming exposes Person County youth to the arts through activities that are intended to increase confidence and self-esteem, build collaborative and team-based skills, and promote new ways of thinking and self-expression. Our programs help youth develop their decision-making and communication skills, as well as practice their sensory awareness.  Access to the arts has been shown to significantly impact the ways both students and families engage with the world around them; developing empathy, respect and an appreciation of diversity.The Arts in Education Sponsorship is offered at any amount. Generally, donated amounts range from between $25 - $5,000. Choosing this sponsorship has a direct, powerful impact on the youth programming offered at the Kirby.


 To become a Sponsor through one of the Sponsorship Options above,

please complete the following form and return with payment to:

The Kirby Cultural Arts Complex: 213 N. Main Street, Roxoro, NC, 27573



  • Friends of The Kirby: ($25 - $500+ donation) Becoming a Friend of the Kirby each year helps us continue to increase and develop the number of shows, programming, and events hosted at the KCAC each season. With "Friends of the Kirby" sponsorship, donating parties receive MANY benefits, including season passes, free tickets and concessions vouchers. Not to mention, Friends of the Kirby are thanked personally during our pre-show slideshow and on our complex monitor screens.


 Friends of Kirby


To become a "Friends of the Kirby" Member, please contact Erin Ganey Hill : ,(336)597-1709

or, send the following form with payment to The Kirby Cultural Arts Complex: 213 N. Main Street, Roxoro, NC, 27573