WI-FI Lending Policy

  • The WI-FI hotspot can be checked out by anyone who has a valid library card and is 13 years or older.

  • You can borrow the WI-FI hotspot for 14 days. One renewal is available if no one else is waiting.

  • The WI-FI hotspot must be returned during open hours. Please do not return in the book drop. You must return the hotspot with all the original packing and accessories. Please fully charge the battery before you return the device.

  • The WI-FI hotspot may not be used for Texting/SMS messaging.

  • You can renew the hotspot by logging into your account, renewing by phone or in person at the library just like any other item.

  • Borrowing and using the hotspot is free! If it is lost or damaged beyond repair, a $65 fee will be charged to your library account.

  • Your Internet usage is not tracked by the library or the service provider. The library maintains records of library materials checked out for the duration of the checkout period.

  • The WI-FI hotspot has been tested throughout the county for data coverage. However, connection is not guaranteed.



The WI-FI to hotspot prompted me to update the software. Should I do that?

Yes. The hotspot periodically receives software updates from the service provider. You can go ahead and accept the update. The software upgrade process only takes a few minutes.

The hotspot displayed a message that said "Data Limit Reached."

Under certain circumstances related to heavy use in an area, the service provider may limit the amount of data that its network will carry, usually for a few hours. This is done automatically in response to heavy network congestion.

If this happens, the WI-FI hotspot may display the "Data Limit Reached" message and Internet speeds will be reduced for a period of time. The library does not receive notice when this occurs and there is no "fix" other than to wait until the congestion period is over.

Other questions?
Call and speak with a library staff member at 336-597-7881 Opt. 0 during regular business hours.

Approved by the Library Advisory Board 8/6/2018.