Circulation Policy


Revised August 2012

Item Fine
Adult books & materials, including CDs, magazines & audio books $0.20 per day
Young adult fiction & non-fiction $0.20 per day
Juvenile books & materials, including CDs, magazines & audio books $0.20 per day
DVDs $1.00 per day
Interlibrary Loan Items   $1.00 per day


Note: If you renew an item that is overdue, a fine will be assessed at renewal.
Person’s fines are $0.20 per day late for each items, except DVD’s are $1.00 per day late.


Max Fine per Item
Adult books & materials $5.00
Young adult fiction & non-fiction $5.00
Juvenile books & materials $5.00
DVDs $5.00

Note: If accumulated fines and fees exceed $5.00, borrowing and computer privileges may be suspended until charges are paid or arrangements for payment are made with Circulation Librarian.

All materials borrowed have a maximum fine of $5.00 each. If material has reached this cap and an item is not returned, users will be billed the replacement cost (retail value of the item) plus a $2.00 processing fee.

[Note: If accumulated fines and fees exceed $5.00, borrowing and computer privileges are suspended until charges are paid or arrangements for payment are made.

We understand that due to a wide variety of circumstances such as illness or other unanticipated demands in our personal lives, materials are sometimes returned late. However, we do not attempt to judge any individual's circumstances as more excusable than another's. The impact of late returns is the same in all cases regardless of the cause. We do not provide exceptions based on cause. However, up to the discretion of the Library Director, a patron may be allowed a one-time fee waive, which will be notated on their library card.

As good stewards of both the collection and the public's trust, the Library is committed to fair and consistent application of our policies. Holding all users equally accountable for the use of the Library and any fees or fines incurred is part of meeting that public obligation.

The Library works to encourage our borrowers to avoid the charging of fines and fees. We provide a due date receipt at time of check out, e-receipts, and/or email reminder notices to patrons who provide an email address. Patrons may also view and renew items online. For more information, contact the Circulation Desk.

Library Card

Patrons must present their library card in order to check out materials and use a computer. If a library card is lost or stolen the patron is responsible for notifying the library immediately. Unless a card has been declared lost or stolen, the library assumes that any person presenting the card has the permission of the cardholder to access the account.

Patrons with accounts in good standing can access library services with their library card.

Patrons may present a photo ID with their current address for library services, in the event that their card is misplaced. To ensure that the card has not been lost or stolen, the patron will be required to show both their photo ID and library card to access library services at their next visit. Information regarding the patron account for all patrons over the age of 13 will not be given to any person except the cardholder. Patrons must pay any outstanding fines before renewing their card. Library cards expire after one year.

Replacement Fees

For Lost or Damaged Materials:
Patrons must pay for any materials lost or damaged beyond use. The replacement cost is the item’s list price plus a $2.00 service charge. If an item is out-of-print or a price is unavailable, a default replacement cost will be used. It is based on average costs of materials.

For Lost Cards:
If a card is lost, a patron must pay a $5.00 fee to replace the card.

Copier and Printer Fees
It is $0.20 a page to print from a computer or make copies.

Item Loan Period
Books & other materials (including CDs, magazines & audio books) 21 Days
DVDs (At Gunn Memorial and Person County you must be 16 years or older to check out DVDs) 3 Days

Maximum Loan Limits
25 items is the maximum number of items that you can have checked out on your card at any given time

  • 8 audio books
  • 3 DVDs
  • 5 music CDs


• All materials have two renewal periods allowed, except materials requested by another patron.
• Materials may be renewed twice by using any of the following actions:
• Presenting a library card in person at the library
• Calling the library and providing account verification (i.e. name, address, library card number)
• Renewing online through the library’s catalog with a library card number and assigned password
• For online renewals, you cannot have fines totaling more than $5.00 or more than 20 overdue items on your account at time of renewal.

  • When a patron has reached the renewal limit on material, the item(s) cannot be checked out by the same patron for a 24 hour period, to give other patrons the opportunity to borrow said item(s).

Overdue Items

The library will send overdue notices approximately every two weeks. Two overdue notices will be sent per item. When an item is not returned and is 60 days overdue, the item’s replacement cost will be charged to the patron’s account and a final notice or bill will be sent.

Reserve Requests

Patrons in good standing (i.e. fines and fees under $5.00) are limited to 3 reserve requests per visit. Holds may be placed on most items except for those that are currently checked in. Patrons are limited to 5 active holds on their account. Patrons will be notified by phone or email when their hold is available.

 Inter-library Loan Requests

The Reference Librarian can arrange Inter-library Loans for materials from libraries outside of Person County Public Library.

• Borrowers will pay a $3.00 fee per item for each ILL request. The fee will be collected when the item is picked up. (If requested item(s) are not available, the borrower will not be charged).
• There shall be no fee for high school students requesting Inter-library Loans.
• If a requested item is not picked up, the borrower will still be responsible for the $3.00 fee.
• Borrowers will be responsible for charges associated with lost or damaged ILL items.
• Borrowers must make renewal requests at least three days before the due date.
• Fines for overdue ILL items will be $1.00 a day with a maximum fine of $5 per item.
• Borrowers may request a limit of 3 items at one time.
• If the ILL is not picked up within one week no requests can be made for 6 months.

Approved by the Person County Public Library Board 4/13/15.