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Book Club-Parent Guides


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Introducing 4-to-10-year-olds to important money concepts

The Person County Public Library is hosting a Money as You Grow Book Club Parent Workshop to help your child discover key money concepts through reading, play, and quiet one-on-one talks with you. Developed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the book club is a family activity that uses age-appropriate books each with its own free reading guide to help you explore the books with your child.

Each parent guide below will help you explore key money concepts and skills with your child by:

  • Helping you explain the key ideas in the books.
  • Suggesting things to think about before reading the books with your child.
  • Providing questions to talk about with your child.
  • Suggesting activities that help your child put ideas and lessons into action.
 Parent Guides for Children ages 4-7 years-old
 Curious George Saves His Pennies By Margaret and H.A. Rey
 Key ideas: Making decisions, sharing and borrowing.
 Lemonade in Winter By Emily Jenkins
 Key ideas: Solving problems and spending.
My Rows and Piles of Coins By Tololwa Mollel
 Key ideas: Setting goals and saving.
 Tia Isa Wants a Car By Meg Medina (Spanish version)
 Key ideas: Solving problems and saving.
 Parent Guides for Children ages 4-10 years-old
 Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday By Judith Viorst
 Key ideas: Prioritizing and saving.
 Just Shopping with Mom By Mercer Mayer
 Key ideas: Prioritizing and spending.
 Ox-Cart Man By Donald Hall
 Key ideas: Earning and setting goals.
 Sheep in a Shop By Nancy Shaw
 Key ideas: Making decisions and solving problems.
The Berentstain Bears and Mama's New Job By Stan and Jan Berenstain
 Key ideas: Setting goals and staying true to yourself.
 The Berenstain Bears' Trouble with Money By Stan and Jan Berenstain
 Key ideas: Making decisions and spending.
 The Purse By Kathy Caple
 Key ideas: Solving problems and setting goals.
 Parent Guides for Children ages 5-8 years-old
 Count on Pablo By Barbara deRubertis (Spanish version)
 Key ideas: Solving problems and earning.
 The Rag Coat By Lauren Mills
 Key ideas: Solving problems, sharing and borrowing.
 Those Shoes By Maribeth Boelts
 Key ideas: Prioritizing, saving and borrowing.
 Parent Guides for Children ages 6-10 years-old
 A Bargain for Frances By Russell Hoban
 Key ideas: Setting goals, staying to yourself.
 A Chair for My Mother By Vera Williams
 Key ideas: Setting goals and earning.

 For more information about this program and managing your finances visit

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau web page.