Inspection Procedures


Depending on the work to be inspected, there are different inspections required. A list of required inspections may be obtained in the Inspections Division or on this website.

The actual procedure for calling in inspections:

  • The permit number must be used in all communication with this office. If you do not have the permit number, we cannot schedule an inspection. 
  • We require 24-hour notice on all inspections. It must be called in by 3:00pm for the next working day. Calling in two or three days ahead will not get you any farther up on the list. 
  • All inspections must go through the main desk. Leaving a request on an inspector’s voicemail is not an acceptable means of scheduling an inspection. 
  • Footings, slabs, and trenches get first priority and can be requested at am or pm. All other inspections will be conducted only after those with priority are complete. 
  • Inspections will be done within three working days after being scheduled. This means that when an inspection is called in and scheduled for the next day, we have three working days, starting with the scheduled day, to complete the inspection.