Person County Government will open at 10:30 on Friday, January 19th.

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Cemetery Web App Demo

Join us at the Person County Library Wednesday, January 31st from 3 to 5pm for a demonstration of the new Cemetery Web Application. The application allows users to research cemeteries in Person County and record new ones using a smart phone while standing amongst the graves.


2017 Aerial Imagery

The 2017 Aerial Imagery has been added to the Tax Parcel Viewer. This imagery was provided to Person County by the North Carolina 911 Board free of charge. The image was captured in late January and early February of 2017. 

Check out our new Food Desert map

The NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has a program to reimburse retailers in food deserts for refrigeration, freezer, and shelving equipment to stock nutrient-dense foods. Click here to find out more: 

Read our 2017 Newsletter!

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