Emergency Medical Services



Welcome to the Person County Emergency Medical Services Page. Our department currently consists of 35 full time employees and 20 part time employees. We currently have 3 (24/7 ambulances), 1 (12 hour peak ambulance) and a 24/7 shift supervisor who responds to calls in a QRV (Quick Response Vehicle). The Paramedics that staff the 3 (24/7 ambulances) work a 24/72 schedule, which means they work 24 hours and then have 72 hours off. The Paramedics that staff the peak unit work rotating 12 hour day shifts.

We respond to medical emergencies received by Person County 911 from two stations. Our main base is located at 216 W. Barden St in Roxboro, just up the hill from AutoZone. Our base 2 location is located at the old Helena-Moriah Elementary school at 387 Helena-Moriah Rd in Timberlake. We staff 3 ambulances at the main base and 1 ambulance at the Timberlake base.

Phone Number: 336-599-3136         Fax: 336-599-1017


Greg White EMS Operations Manager gwhite@personcounty.net
Glen LaBar Jr       EMS Compliance Officer glabar@personcounty.net