Pet Disaster Plan


You have everything prepared for your disaster. Your plan is made, your disaster kit is together and you are confidently ready. But have you thought about Fido and Fifi? It is important that your pet has a disaster plan too! If your family must evacuate, your pet will need to evacuate too. For health and safety reasons, pets are not allowed in shelters. Some places your pet can stay:

· A friend or family member's home in a safe zone.
· A hotel or motel with you.
· A kennel in a safe area.
· Stay with you if your family does not have to evacuate
Your pet must have his shots before he can stay in a kennel so he won't get sick. Remind your family to keep all pets' shots up to date, especially in hurricane season!
Don't forget your pet needs a Disaster Supplies Kit too! Remember to put your pet's name on all his things.
Pet Disaster Supplies Kit
· ID Collar
· Rabies Tag
· Pet Carrier or Cage
· Leash
· Food
· Water/Food Bowls
· Medicine
· Newspaper and Plastic trash bags
· Favorite toy
If you have more questions about planning for pets, contact the Person County Animal Shelter (336) 597-1741