Medical Emergencies


How to Report a Medical Emergency

The quick and proper response to a medical emergency can make the difference. Knowing a few simple steps to follow can help until responders arrives.

Person County 911 uses the National Academy Emergency Medical Dispatch program (EMD). When you call for Medical Assistance you will be asked several questions regardless of what type of Medical Emergency may be happening.

1. What is the Address of Your Emergency?

2. What is your Phone Number?

3. Okay tell me exactly what happened?

4. How old are they?

5. Are they awake?

6. Are they breathing?

Why all the questions? Can’t you just send an Ambulance? Remember that answering these questions will not cause a delay in service, Telecommunicators work together as a team.

Did you know that Telecommunicators can provide you with live saving information in an Emergency?

1. Telecommunicators are trained to provide you with instructions on CPR, Rescue Breathing, and Choking. With the help of Telecommunicators you can  be the First Responder for your loved one. 

2. Telecommunicators are trained to provide you with information from bleeding control, to nose bleeds, and even how to deliver A baby. Imagine what you can do for your loved one if work as a team with the Telecommunicator on the other end of the phone.

Though it seems like a long time and a lot of questions to ask, just remember the information that you provide us with can safe a life.