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Responses to Broadband RFP questions

  • Department:County Manager / Administration
  • RFP Number:11202016
  • Start Date:10/04/2016 11:54 AM
  • Close Date:03/16/2018 2:30 PM
  1. In Appendix B, how is Broadband being defined and what is the date of the data used for this map?Broadband, for the purposes of the RFP, is defined using the current and future FCC definition of broadband.  In the current year (2016) - this is 4 mbps download and 1 mbps upload.  In 2017, this definition increases to 25 mbps download and 3 mbps upload. 

    The 4 mbps download and 1 mbps upload is the standard used for the maps since they were produced in 2016. PCAN desires the initial service in underserved areas to meet the 25 mbps download and 3 mbps upload that will be the FCC standard in 2017.

  2. Are there any major changes or known expansions of existing providers that would affect the Appendix B map? Existing service providers are investing in assets continually.  Most of the publicly traded service provider companies will not share maps showing their investments/fiber plants.  This is particularly true if the broadband infrastructure is not Connect America Fund funded. 

  3. Will PCAN attempt to avoid using funds (cash or assets) for Vendors to overbuild the same service area?PCAN does not consider it overbuilding if the service level desired is not offered in the particular area.  For example, along key business and residential corridors, the RFP asks for a top end bandwidth of 1 G symmetrical service to be offered by the respondent vendors.  If 1G service is not offered by respondents as a result of this RFP then PCAN would reserve the right to attempt to attract private sector service providers who would offer this service.

  4. Can we get a shape file of Appendix B map? Please contact Sallie Vaughn (  to download this data.

  5. Can we get a shape file of the Map C data? Please contact Sallie Vaughn (  to download this data.

  6. Could a loop layout be considered for the fiber build in Appendix C rather than a star layout?  Under this configuration it is less attractive to solely utilize fiber for backhaul purposes due to lack of diversity in the fiber paths with regard to redundancy. PCAN cannot commit to this today.  Right now, only single routes are planned.  However, if it is cost effective the county may consider putting multiple conduits and lighting fiber on two paths along one trench.  

  7. What is the date estimate or goal for the new fiber to be completed between Roxboro and each new tower location? Build dates for the new fiber will be driven by two items -
    1)  The responses to the RFP and the needs of the vendors and 2)  the Person County Commissioners' allocation of funds to the project

  8. Who will own the new fiber plant referenced on Appendix C? Person County will be the owner.

  9. Will fibers be made available at reasonable negotiated rates to vendors providing last mile services in un-served areas? Respondents should consider their desire to lease dark fiber from these routes in their responses and outline their needs. Selected vendor(s) may be able to negotiate a contract for use of assets with the county. 

  10. For the purpose of this project and for matching funds can providers assist in defining what an un-served home or business is?  Is this definition already set in stone or can we work together using consensus to define it? This is a Federal definition and State statute governing a County's use of grant funds for these purposes is driven by the Federal definition of "unserved."

  11. Can the section “Site Requirements for Microwave” be elaborated upon on page 3?  Specifically is this a requirement for the customer premise installation? We need some clarification regarding this bullet point. This standard should be seen as a point to begin discussions.  Person County and PCAN will work with vendors to define the standards of a proper install.  We understand that different technologies may require different specifications and are anxious to engage with vendors on their specific requirements.

  12. How many households are there in the unserved area? How many households are there in the NE, NW, SW, and SE quadrants of the unserved area of the county? Below is our estimate based on 2010 US Census data:

    • NW – 699

    • NE – 602

    • SE – 924

    • SW – 339

  13. How many miles of government-built fiber will overlap with the fiber shown on the "Key Economic Corridor" map? Total mileage of the “government build” is approximately 52 miles. 22 miles of that overlaps with the key economic corridors.

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