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Public Hearing

to add Canter Creek Trl

  • Date: 12/04/2017 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Introduction: Public hearing to consider the addition of Canter Creek Trl, a private roadway off Leasburg Rd in Roxboro Township.

Two private residences are located on a private driveway off Leasburg Rd. A third private residence is being added to this driveway. In accordance with Article IV, Section 402 H of the “Ordinance Regulating Addresses and Road Naming in Person County,” the driveway must be named. The addition of this road will require occupants of the two existing residences to change their addresses to reflect the new roadway name.

North Carolina General Statute 153A-239.1(A) requires a public hearing be held on the matter and public notice be provided at least 10 days prior in the newspaper. The required public notice was published in the November 22nd edition of the Roxboro Courier-Times. A sign advertising the public hearing was placed at the proposed roadway location on the same date.

Adjacent property owners were contacted via certified mail at the time permits were obtained for the new residence. At a meeting on November 2nd, all involved parties agreed upon a single road name, Canter Creek Trl, which is compliant with all naming regulations in the Ordinance.

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